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Organic Grass-fed and Grass-Finished Chicken

Our grassfed/pasture raised chickens are grown and cared by adhering to strict regenerative principles. They are routinely moved onto new grass or pasutre, not only leaving their manure behind but also eating from a new patch of clean “salad bar”; adding to health and the ecosystem on our farm.

Organic Certified Supplemental Feed

They are fed a 100% *Organic Certified* supplemental feed, to help them grow into healthy birds.

NO Antibiotics, Chemicals or Hormones

Our birds are raised with absolutely NO hormones or antibiotics. We do not vaccinate or give them any form chemicals. They are often given *Organic Certified* apple cider vinegar mixed in their water to boost their gut and immune system.

Compared to the antibiotic loaded and GMO fed factory farmed chickens that don’t see a light ray from the sun and never taste a green grass their whole life, our meat birds lived like kings and queens. Soaking up vitamin D through their legs (which have the highest natural vitamin D “precursor module”), fresh air and fresh grass everyday. Our birds are processing high levels of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 throughout the day and night and of course they fertilized our land. In their natural setting they scratch and forage for grass, bugs, worms, and other goodies that make them healthy and tasty.

rass Finished Chicken Meat
Grass Fed Grass Finished Chicken Organic Meat

Filtered Water

The water that is given to our chicken comes from our whole house filtered water, they also have access to collected rain water. Many times the water that is given to factory chickens are load with fluoride, heavy metals, pesticide and herbicide and the toxic impurities find their way to their meat. By filtering the water we add a layer of purity to the water our chickens drink.

How to Order and Pick Up

We take pre-order deposit from our customers to know the number birds to grow. Once the total number is known we raise hundreds of birds in 3 to 4 batches throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Each batch will take about 8 weeks to complete. Once chickens are finished and ready for processing, they will be sent to a slaughter house for Halal and humane finishing. You can pick up your chickens on the day or soon after they arrive at our farm or choose to pick up at a later days as “fresh-frozen”.


“Combining the healing power of nature, organic methods, what God has provided
for us with a bit of  hard work to share with our community…”

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