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The Difference in Our Fresh Organic Chicken Eggs

We put a lot of effort in ensuring that the well-being of our chickens are fully met. They eat a good source of layers organic feed and other additional feed and supplements and are taken care humanly.

The price of our eggs are on par with store bought organic eggs but our chickens and eggs have other benefits that you may not get from the store.

Chickens Are Given Certified Organic Layers Feed

We raise our chickens with NON-medicated Certified Organic feed (that also means NON-GMO).  Right after their hatching and from day 1 we give our baby chicks “NON-medicated Organic” feed. At about 4-6 weeks the feed is mixed and later then changed to “NON-medicated Organic Chicken Grower” feed. This feed helps the chickens with added protein as they grow to full size birds. At the onset of the first egg, which is usually about 6-7 months, we switch their feed to “Organic Certified Layers” feed that is optimized for egg production. This process ensures that no GMO, pesticide, herbicide is ingested or accumulated in the chicken or their future eggs.

Chickens Have Open Access to Feed All Day

Unlike conventional chickens and eggs our chicken feed are not rationed for near maximum production. We do not restrict the food of our layers but we allow them to eat as much as they need to with an open source to feeders. This is especially important for the well-being of our chickens; both physically and emotionally.

Free Range

During spring, summer and fall days our chickens free range on our farm and eat our non-sprayed pasture grass and all itse diverse insects.

Organic Crushed Corn

We supplement our chickens with 100% organic crushed corn from time to time. This is not their main food and chickens are not given an “all you can eat” option to corn, but the supplement of crushed corn diversifies their feed, lets them scrach and also helps them keep extra warm during colder days.

Organic Alfa Alfa Grass Pellets

Alfa Alfa is a legume grass and and can be dried into pellets. Alfa Alfa is naturally high in grass protein. Chickens are supplemented with Alfa Alfa mixed in warm water during colder months.

Crushed Oyster Shells

Our chickens have open source to eating crushed oyster shells, which provides them with needed minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and a whole host of micro-nutrients.

Organic Food Scraps

Even during cold winter days we provide our chickens with organic food scraps and vegetable scraps.

Filtered Water

The water that is given to our chicken comes from our whole house filtered water, they do also have access to collected rain water. Many times the water that is given to factory chickens are pesticide and herbicide loaded and the toxic impurities find their way to the eggs we eat. By filtering the water we add a layer of purity to the water our chickens drink.

Diversified Chicken Breeds

We do not selectively pick one breed for mere high production purpose. We mix different breeds in different chicken coops to diversify our chicken flock. Although we end up with less eggs but we feel it provides other benefits as follows:

  • A beautiful mix of chicken colors and sizes
  • A beautiful mix and shades of egg colors: blue, green, olive, white, pink, brown, etc
  • Different eggs provide different nutritional compositions

“Combining the healing power of nature, organic methods, what God has provided for us with a bit of  hard work to share with our community…”

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