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The first fruit trees of our acreage orchard went into the ground in the spring of 2018 with a lot of preparation and hard work during cold and hot seasons. Batches were added at every fall and spring thereafter. No spray and no chemical fertilizers. Our regenerative permaculture orchard is designed and care for modeling after the largest permaculutre orchard in North America: the Miracle Farms designed and operated by Stefan Sobkowiak of Quebec, Canada. Our small acreage permaculture orchard based on holistic practices taught by pioneers and perfectors of the permaculture and regenerative agricultural movement; teachers like Bill Mollison, Richard Perkins, Stefan Sobkowiak and Joel Salatin.

We extensively researched and consulted for 3 years before establishing our orchard;- an initiative we hope to feed many families – nutritious fruits and vegetables – for years to come.

We do not use any chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide on any of our farm products extending to our trees, shrubs and plants.

We have started the foundation of our orchard with well-researched, hardy and disease resistant cultivars, which have been row-planted for every specific season of harvest.

Our “grocery-store-style” orchard rows provide a pleasant experience to our members.

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If and when our permaculture orchard is ready to share with us the bounties of God, a membership program will be setup to feed the families of those who care deeply about our holistic farming practices and we will also donate 10% of our annual harvest to food charities and we have plan to run especial events that feed the local needy.

We are the care takers of  our God given land and our environment;  the vicegerents and stewards of God, not only to eat from, to earn from it, to protect, to preserve it but to improve it, honor it and pay charity from it.

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