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Join us for one of the most comprehensive on farm goat care workshop experiences. Eden Green small organic farm is pleased to host goat care workshops helping goat loving enthusiasts better understand the essentials of raising and caring for goats. These workshops will provide info-packed and hands on experience, as we will be handling our goats and goat kids as well as milking. Each participant will have opportunities to handle and milking a goat.

Our workshops are usually scheduled for Spring/Summer days. Alternatively you can see our Compressive Goat Care eBook and Resources page.


We will go through all goat care basics needed to provide participants with enough knowledge to start with their own few backyard or a large herd of goats.  We will also have fun spending time with our goats and feeding them. Participants will be able discuss and ask questions during every section of the workshop.

Workshop Schedule

10:00am Barn visit and introduction How many goats to keep for milking or pet
Family members milk consumption
Dis-budding or not
Goat safety
10:10am Water and heating Summer (inside and outside)
Winter (inside and outside)
When to take goats out
When to barn goats
10:15am Shelter basicsSummer shelter
Winter shelter
Heat sources
10:30am Feed, grain mix and treatsTypes of grains Organic/GMO-free/Conventional
Types Treats
10:45am Milking and milking essentials Stanchion vs no Stanchion
Type of feed when milking
Pre-milking hygiene routine
How to milk (ways of milking)
Participants will try milking
11:30am Post milking routine Milk collection
Milk filtration
Milk storage
12:00pm Milk products Cheese making
Butter making
Whey collection
Other uses
12:30pm Recess and snackN/A
1:00pm Feeding and handling goats N/A
1:30pm Feeding and minerals Grazing and browsing
Types of hay, grass, trees, brush
Important minerals and supplements
2:00pm De-worming and hoof care Natural methods
Chemical methods
Copper supplements
Hoof care tools
2:15pm Common diseases and remedies Diseases and remedies
When to call a vet
2:30pmBreeding, kidding and fights, etc Choosing a buck Buying vs renting a buck
When to breed does
Gestation cycle
Feed during pregnancy before kidding
Signs of delivery
How to prepare for kidding
Signs of complications
When to start milking
When to wean off
When to breed again
Does Head-butting
Bucks Head-butting

Participants over 12 years of age

$ 55

Participants between 4 to 12 years of age

$ 30

Participants below 4 years of age

$ Free

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Goat Workshop

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