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In 2017

2017 was a year land hunt for us.. filled with roller coasters of emotions. We know what we wanted, we had pictured it in our minds, we had seen it in dreams. A land that had potentials for raising animals, vegetables, orchards; a mix of cleared and treed land and a house we could call home. While had our house on sale, we saw the most perfect farm that we had invisioned; a 52 acre property, split between forest and cleared, parcelled between hay pasture and fenced paddocks. THIS WAS IT! but we had a problem… Our home was not selling. We looked at the pictures of this beautiful property everyday and waited for our agents call to give us a good new of selling our home to be able to put an offer. 6 months passed and the rest of history.

In 2018

We took ownership of  the land we call home with big dreams in mind. First we wanted to grow our own family’s food. Food that is not just organic but highly nutritious;- beyond organic. As more and more friends and family asked for our produce, little did we know this was the initial step on a long journey towards becoming producers ourselves. We believe our boudies should be cared with respect, that means we have to nourish it with good, clean food, which means we have to care for the land our food comes from. During the first year we did a lot; we renovated our house we wanted to call home, we started establishing areas for our future gardens, we planted our first trees in our permaculutre orchard and we set the foundation for our future animal husbandry that now includes sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys and more

In 2019

2019 was the year we set up our first garden beds and and we also added to the young trees we had started in 2018. Our vegetable garden produced a lot of fruits, not enough to sell but enough to feed our family.  This was a test year on what we could scale up. We quickly noticed that our soil needed a lot of attention; some love and care, some animal fertilization. We ordered loads of Organic certified compost to amend our soil with. But in order to be self sufficient and know where the amendments of our soil come from we had to start bringing in our own animals. Our first livestock were chickens (chicks) which we raised organically from day 1. We make a lot of chicken compost for our garden and orchard in that first and collected many eggs.

In 2020

Ah 2020!!! no one really likes to think back to 2020. But we ended up doing major works on that farm. We raised our first batch of meat chickens, turkeys, sheep. We brought in our initial stock of 10 Nigerian dwarf goats. We build high tensile electric fence around our paddocks which made the task of rotationally grazing our livestock a bit easier. We build a mobile coop and brought in more laying hens to rejuvenate, fertilize and build our pasture and much more…

In 2021

In progress…

In 2022

Hard to think that far…

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