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We raise our Organic grass-fed and grass finished fresh Ontario lamb with strict regenerative agricultural practices in mind. Our free-range pastured sheep and lambs are raised humanely and with utmost love and care, they grow in a stress-free natural environment, eating fresh grass, drinking fresh clean (chlorine / chemical free water), breathing fresh air and getting lots of good sunshine.

What Our Sheep Eat – (No Grain Lamb)

Our sheep are constantly moved onto new fresh grass, they are allowed to graze the tip of grass, stump on them and are then moved to the next fresh paddock. In this way they eat the sweetest part (top) of tall grass and move their deposits behind. What does this mean to you? Sweeter tasting lamb meat and much healthy lamb than conventionally raised store bought.

Unlike many sheep farmers we do not give our lamb grain in order to aggressively fatten them up  and send them to the market for profit. In contrast, we only use certified *organic* alfa alfa pellets and minute amounts of crushed corn as treats to train our sheep, while our sheep receive majority of their dietary needs from our clean fresh grass and are supplemented with clean, high quality hay in winter. Studies have shown that grain fed animals are much lower in beneficial Omega 3s whereas grass-fed grain-free lamb meat is scientifically higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

We absolutely do not give our sheep or lamb any drugs. They are raised without antibiotics or any other drugs or growth hormones.  This is the type of lamb our grandparents used eat: all-natural, clean and healthy.


Our Unique Lamb Breed

We raise a specific breed of sheep called “Katahdin”. This type of sheep breed is naturally low in fat and keeps its fresh lamb taste much longer than other commercial breeds. Not all commercial lamb farmers use or know about the Katahdin breed, which is a slow growing sheep and it’s meat is considered delicacy lamb in many restaurants.

Lamb Processing

Lambs can be sent to a government regulated butchery for processing and are butchered humanely and in a Halal way

Whole Lamb

You whole lamb can be cut into 4 quarters. The final price is based on the lamb size as well as the market price of lamb at each season ( weight about 40-50 lbs)

“Combining the healing power of nature, organic methods, what the Creator has provided
for us with a bit of  hard work to share with our community…”

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