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Comprehensive Goats Care Knowledge Base and Support – Info Packed and Easy to Follow

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Our comprehensive goat care knowledge base and support will help you in some of the most essential and practical means of raising goats. You will own a comprehensive ebook,  a number of other goat keeping material, documents and videos that are info-pack and easy to follow. In this package we also provide you with email support should you have any questions specific to your context. Whether you are small backyard goat keeper or a large scale farmer with the knowledge and experience we have shared here you will gain the confidence and knowledge you need to bring your first goats home and properly care for them;

This course guides you through how to prepare and setup before bringing your first goats home, how to set up your goat yard, and how to milk, how to breed; specific details about what to feed your goats, natural and chemical de-worming and parasite control and treatment options and many more essential topics in an easy to follow and to the point. We will assist you in understanding how to how to assess your goats health, how naturally de-worm your goats, as well as how to prepare for warmer and cold days and much much more.

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Topics Covered

Goat Terms
Goat Safety
Winter and Summer Water Sources
Barn and Pasture Setup
Shelter and Bedding Basics
Winter Prepping and Heat Sources
Fencing Options
Organic Milk Production
Milking Your Goats and Processing
Milking Techniques
Milking Hygiene
Cheese Making
Milk Products Recipes
Goat Feed Solutions
Diseases and Health Care
External and Internal Parasite Control
Natural De-Worming Solutions
Chemical De-Worming Solutions
How to Care for a Sick Goat
When to Call a Vet
Goat Hoof Care
Breeding, Kidding and After Delivery Care
Goat Fights and Headbutting
And Much More

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  1. 5 out of 5

    This guide has everything homesteaders need to become confident goat keepers! Both beginner and experienced goat keepers will benefit from this book as it covers all the necessities of goat care in addition to providing holistic and less commonly known tips and approaches. Written by a source I can trust, this book will be referenced often as questions arise on my goat care journey.

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