Raising Livestock Guardian Dogs Knowledge Base and Support

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With our comprehensive Livestock Guardian Dog knowledge Base and Support page, we will help you raise the perfect and reliable LGD that will guard your livestock while being obedient to you and gentle with your animals. You will own our comprehensive ebook,  a number of other LGD related material, documents and bonus videos that will detail important instruction and tips on raising these wonderful dogs.  In this package we also provide you with email support should you have any questions specific to your context. Whether you are a small homestead operator or have a large scale farm, with the material and tips we will share with you here, you will gain the needed confidence and knowledge to bring your first guardian dog(s) home and raise them to perfection.

This course guides you through all the steps: from choosing your LGD pups, training, fencing to correcting undesirable behavior and to supporting your dog to be the ultimate protector of your flock and family and much much more.

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Topics Covered

Choosing your LGD Pup
Breeds and characteristics of LGDs
Male or Female
Numbers of LGD for Your Context
Laying the Right Foundation for Guardian Dogs
Training your LGD
Dos and Donts of interacting with LGDs
Human Socialization and How Much is Too Much
Children and LGDs
Safety Tips
Barking and Predator Challenges
Fencing Options
Winter Preparations
Treating worms and Parasites
Correcting undesirable Behavior
Breeding and Reproductive Health
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