Sheep Care Workshop

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Information Packed
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Join us a comprehensive on farm sheep care workshop experience. Eden Green small organic farm is pleased to host sheep care workshops helping enthusiasts better understand the essentials of raising and care for sheep. These workshops will be info packed.

We will go through all sheep care basics needed to equip participant with enough knowledge to start with their own few backyard or a large herd.  Participants will be able discuss and questions.

Workshop Schedule

10:00am Barn visit and introduction Raising sheep in barn vs pasture Sheep breeds Safety
10:15am Water and heating Summer (inside and outside)
Winter (inside and outside)
10:30am Shelter basicsPasture shelter
Barn shelter
10:45am Feed, grain mix and treatsTypes of feed Organic/GMO-free/Conventional Grain vs grain-less
10:45am Fencing and gatesTypes of fence
Setting up woven wire fence
Setting up electric fence
Types of gates
11:00am Pasturing / Rotational grazingPasture division
Grass forage and improving soil
When to move
When to come back
What other livestock to include
Mobile mineral feeder
11:30pm Feeding and handling sheepN/A
12:00pm Feeds and minerals Grazing and browsing
Types of hay, grass, trees, brush
Tree hay
Important minerals and supplements
12:30pm De-worming and hoof care Natural methods
Chemical methods
Hoof care Tools
1:00pm Common diseases and remedies Diseases and remedies
When to call a vet
1:15pmBreeding, kidding and fights, etc Choosing a ram
Buying vs Renting a ram
When to breed ewes
Gestation cycle Feed during pregnancy
Feed before before lambing
Signs of delivery
How to prepare for kidding
Signs of complications
When to wean off When to breed again

Participants over 12 years of age

$ 35

Participants between 4 to 12 years of age

$ 25

Participants below 4 years of age

$ Free

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