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Organic Grass-fed and Grass-Finished Turkeys

Our grassfed meat can also reach your thanksgiving dinner table with a rich, unforgettable and traditional taste. Our 100% organic, grassfed, free-range turkeys are raised during the summer and fall months on pasture. Just as our organic grass-fed chicken, the turkeys are rotationally grazed on fresh grass, which is what gives them that amazing home-grown flavor our costumers always talk about.

Grassfed turkeys are much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, yet lower in overall fat. The health benefits come with their amazing tastes as you will get more nutrition and flavor for less calories.

Grassfed Organic Turkey Diet:

Our grassfed turkeys are supplemented with 100% certified Turkey feed. Turkeys are aggressive foragers and will eat a lot of grass and bugs naturally and the supplementation is to ensure their ultimate health and balanced growth.


We raised a few breeds of turkeys, both classic and also breeds with flavours you may not find in your typical grocery store.

Large White Turkeys – Which grow to a large size that produce tender and tasty meat all around. They forage grass and eat supplement pretty much on par.

Orlopp Bronze Turkeys – This is a somewhat slower growing than regular commercial turkeys, and therefore packs in a lot more flavorful. The taste is a good reminder of the “old-fashioned fresh farm rasied turkeys” that older folks can remember. Orlopp Bronze turkey produces more breast meat than the older varieties, and is quite tender.

Mini Classic White Turkeys – For those smaller families who are looking for a grassfed, grass finished birds but on the smaller size, we raise the mini-classic which is  a compact breed called. They range in size from about 10-15 pounds.

“Combining the healing power of nature, organic methods, what God has provided
for us with a bit of  hard work to share with our community…”

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