What Does Organic Farming Really Mean?

At Eden Green Farm we go above organic farming… we are beyond organic, because we not only strive to adhere to organic practices but we also to ensure the optimization of nutrients in the food we produce and aim to care and improve our land and  animals with regenerative agricultural practices. But to simply explain the term “organic” in farming it reference to building  healthy soils by nourishing the living component of the soil, the microbial inhabitants that release, transform, and transfer nutrients.


Soil organic matter contributes to good soil structure and water-holding capacity. Organic farmers feed soil biota and build soil structure and water-holding capacity. This is sometimes done with cover crops, compost, and biologically based soil amendments or simply adding compost and high quality and no sprayed organic manure and matter to the soil over time.

These produce healthy plants that are better able to resist disease and insect predation. The primary strategy in controlling pests and diseases is prevention through good plant nutrition, management and healthy animal pasture rotation.

we also aim to diversify the plant species and the animals we keep to better facilitate grow of soil organisms, beneficial insects, and birds to keep pests in check. We actively and annually build and install specific varieties of bird house and bee structures to encourage a diverse species of animals, birds and insects to take home on our farm and help us remove unwanted pests without the use any chemical pesticides.

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