Nigerian Dwarf Goats

You can now own from our purebred family of Nigerian Dwarf goats

what we offer

We offer purebred Nigerian dwarf babies (known as kids), bucks and does based on availability. This would be a great opportunity for those who want to have these amazing animals as pets or raise a flock for their milk products. Our exceptional line of purebred Nigerian Dwarf family offers amazing genes from both parental lines, that have not been compromised with other goat breeds. Our original stock goes back to a Zoo auction nearly 20 years, with guaranteed gene purity.

A bit About Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats:

We and our children enjoy the sweet rich milk of our Nigerian Dwarfs that is higher in butterfat content than other goat breeds and we are also entertained by their silly nature and their playfulness on a daily basis. We appreciate the small size, gentle and entertaining personalities of these amazing goats around our farm and kids. Their attractive array of coat colors truly makes for many surprises at kidding time and these goats are  known to make wonderful pets.


Our bucks and does are from high producing milk line and have consistently given multiple kids and exceptional milk in both quality and quantity.

If you are interested to own your own purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats from our breed line, you can fill the form below (along with your preferences) and we will contact you. We also offer hands on Goat Care Workshops  which you can sign-up for to learn many aspects of goat keeping if you wish you.


$ 550-700


$ 400-600


$ 800-1000


$ 550-700

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